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7 Simple Life Hacks Ideas (فیلم)

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Check these life hacks: 1.Homemade 3D Hologram Projector for phones:https://youtu.be/9t0cOYvOy4M 2.Coin secret safe life hack:https://youtu.be/8v_9KkDABKI 3.Never Tangle Earbuds LifeHack:https://youtu.be/Q54VjqrIsYQ 4.iPhone Spy Camera - Lifehack:https://youtu.be/9YbMzKN6Wt4 5.Make Your Own Private Theater Box:https://youtu.be/zBit4giG8ng 6.How To Charge a Phone With Old DVD Drive:https://youtu.be/Jib-6qbTZTg 7.How To Make Clothespin Wire Stripper:https://youtu.be/hJ-_yXeSPvI 8.Make Phone Case from Shampo

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