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مواجهه‌ی گربه با پرندگان به صورت‌های فیزیکی مختلف (فیلم)

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Cat Pusic's response to the birds in three sketches: behind the house, on TV and at home (a live bird!!!). Plaintive meowing, the pupils' widening - these are normal cat's instincts and Pusic is not an exception. Subscribe also to the second channel CatPusic Academy - http://youtube.com/CatPusicAcademy On the second channel, all useful information (tips, lessons, training, lifehacks) For any questions, e-mail: catpusic@gmail.com ► Instagram: http://instagram.com/catpusic ► Facebook: http://facebook.com/catpusic ► HOME and SHOP: http://catpusic.com

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